We believe in the power of documentaries to change the world. It’s because we believe strongly in the power of images.

It's because we believe strongly in the power of images to capture us and to draw us into a story, into the experience of others. To recognize or own stories in theirs, our commonality and shared concern.

SkyWorks films give each and all of us the opportunity to speak for ourselves about things that matter to all of us. By exploring real, day-to day experiences of men, women and young people, the films are a reflection of ourselves and our society, and inspire a personal engagement with the issues they raise.

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Women and Addiction Women and Addiction
this film is about compassion Women and Addiction
Home Safe Toronto
Home Safe Toronto Home Safe Calgary
Extra Ordinary People House hold work: more than it seems
Kids Care Mary Coyne Rowll Jackman
Prescription for Addiction Crisis Call
How Can We Love You My Son the Tattoo Artist
Working Like Crazy Until Someone Listens
The Right to Care Crying for Happiness
To Hurt and To Heal Moving Mountains